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A-22-2 Architecture & Interior Design Studio  

founded 2003 in Barcelona, working on local and international architecture and interior design projects.

Principal works include private residential projects, housing proposals, industrial buildings, museums,  exposition design, comercial interior design and retail brand stores.

Our Design is based on reflection and dialogue leading to an unique spatial experience. Through the entire architectural process, from preliminary sketches to final detailing the principal aim is to identify the optimal creative solution adding value and personality to each project. Focused on innovation and research, we try to refine the approach to design with emphasis on geometry, innovative use of materials, complex spatial organisation and contemporary elegance. 3D design tools are used from the initial concepts to final realistic render visualization, improving and verifying  material expression and formal composition.

Collaboration and Co-working with architectural, engineering offices, contractors and construction firms guarantee the correct development of each project. The finished project represent a versatile approach to architectural design that reflect and frame our client’s aspirations in balance between the usual and the unexpected.

architectural design
interior design
exposition design
brand store creation
refurbishment, restoration
technical consulting
urbanism, public space design
furniture design
fair trade stands
lighting concepts
3d virtual models
BIM models
render and visualizations

Lead Architect:

Oliver Puffinger  *1970 / Austria
1989 - 1992  Architecture studies at the Technical University of Innsbruck
1992 - 1998  Architecture studies at Technical University of Viena, graduation in 1998
1999 - 2003 collaboration in architecture offices in Viena and Barcelona

Since 2003 lead architect at A-22-2 Architecture & Interior Design Studio

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